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Editorial Indie provides publishing services for authors that have decided to self-publish. We create opportunities for sustainability. We provide a new framework for copyrights and allow you to benefit from your work in less time with a higher level of ownership. Our goal is to make our services and your book available everywhere. We focus on style, literary craft and fine arts as well as finding artistic readers as opposed to having mass appeal.

We specialize in providing services that authors need for commercial and artistic success. We are very much aware of the usual realities that come with taking the enormous financial risk it takes to write an exceptional literary work of art. To satisfy this need we maximize the opportunity of cloud-sourcing to the best of the best in developing countries and thus we are able to provide unprecedented possibilities for our global community of artists.[/tab] [tab title=”What Sets Us Apart”]Our entrepreneurial philosophy makes us more than just another indie publisher because we want our own internal business culture to be the next frontier of the global independent art movement. To Editorial Indie fair trade and artistic independence are one in the same. As true entrepreneurs we spot a great opportunity in maximizing developing nation’s lower costs of living for providing an attractive and economically viable work experience for young disenfranchised creators.

The correct implementation of our model is also viable for artists in the developed world. Despite the progress of these societies, many artists still have a similar predicament to their developing world counterparts. Mutual cooperation can result in overcoming their respective obstacles together and being exposed to unprecedented learning opportunities. We strongly believe that when the technological revolutions of our time, intelligently invested economic resources and international human capital come together, we are not only able to generate revenue, economic sustainability and a broader sense of community but also the emblematic art of a new century.

Revolutionary technologies and their decreased environmental impact also become more meaningful when they become an opportunity for different peoples to have better lives. Green economics have a better image when they are no longer perceived as a necessary sacrifice but rather as better business opportunities. Our model represents the practice of a new perspective that finds opportunities where traditional interests find obstacles.[/tab] [/tabs]



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