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If we take all the industry and resources it takes to create paper, ink, sulfite and other necessary materials for traditional publishing into account we can easily realize the savings in natural resources that eBooks present is a viable alternative for sustainable development. Another advantage is that one gadget can store thousands of books and thus environmental impact is reduced exponentially.

Respected industry experts Guy Kawasaki and Shaun Welch assure that electronic tablets can last ten hours before they need to recharge. Studies by The Electric Power Research Institute estimate that the annual cost of an iPad’s energy recharges is $1.36 in the US. And we can verify that the most basic Kindle models last weeks on one charge.[/tab] [tab title=”Reduced Greenhouse Emissions”]In the US 2 billion paper books were sold in 2010 and to manufacture those books 32 million trees were cut down. If those trees would have not been used, they would have eliminated 44 million tons of CO2 naturally. This has been the price that our civilization has had to pay for the enlightenment that the traditional publishing industry has given us. Until now that we have a better alternative.

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In 2010 for every 100 paper books that were sold, 180 eBooks were sold in the US. That means that 1.2 million trees were saved in and they absorbed 30,412 tons of CO2. 1 electronic reading device saves 690 kg of CO2 emissions per year. In North America 3.1 billion e-readers are sold annually those devices save 49.6 million trees that absorb 1.19 million tons of CO2 every year since 2009.

Other unaccounted savings in CO2 emissions are in the physical transportation needed to ship paper books and for customers to go to bookstores or have them mailed. E-readers allow for books to be transported on internet Wi-Fi. And because Editorial Indie is a cloud-sourced organization, we reduce transportation, traditional office operations expenses and physical storage needs. [/tab] [/tabs]

Marketing and Sales



Nothing is more essential for a serious established professional than a website and the same can be said about a book. Blogging is a magic garden where readers and writers can meet and get to know each other as good friends. An author can share all their interests and other facets of their lives and readers can learn that the author is or is not their characters.

A good book site will tell readers everything there is to know about a book they anxiously await or that they already loved to read. Every step in the writing process or every promotional piece shines like a museum piece on our book sites. We prefer to build in WordPress because it is open source, and as a revolutionary technological opportunity it is a real value and so friendly that it can be updated by anybody.


If movies have trailers than why shouldn’t a book have one too? People often regret that books are at a disadvantage in comparison to video. A book trailer can flip the paradigm, jump-start an author’s text and begin to play that movie in the reader’s mind. Readers can post a beautiful 30-second trailer on their social media and probably get more attention for an author’s work, than posting an excerpt on a link to an article or review. Once the interested in generated people will be more enthusiastic about taking the time to have a good read.


We love to read and are very happy to write about books. This service can tell future readers about the sublime greatness of a tiny personal story. A review can say what the author has intentionally left out or what makes a book special. A good reviewer is able to persuade a potential reader that has made it all the way to reading the review into buying the book reading it and continuing the conversation about the book. And an author can love a review so much that they will have it put in their book.


We know how to get the exact readership that an author needs for economic and artistic success, because we know our literature and our social media very well. We will find only relevant subscribers for that genre and style and we will find all of them! Nothing can make for faster or greater progress in this day and age than a beautifully executed social media strategy. Before our work is done, traditional media will be going to the author/book and not the other way around.


Our intimate online boutique appeals to the indie spirit and the sophisticated art connaisseur alike. We (all of us) are literature. We pay higher author royalties than any other retailer and authors can feel authentically indie in a store that captures the essence of that spirit and repurposes it as a global cultural movement. Because we believe in creative independence and sustainability, authors still own their rights and can sell anywhere else. We can even install an online store on your author’s site and you can keep 100% of your sales revenue.

Publishing Services



Development editing is a service that applies expert knowledge of writing and literature that is done before copy-editing. It ensures that the book has a logical order even when it’s non-linear or intentionally unconventional. We review and comment on a manuscript in order to suggest improvements and find missed opportunities. Development editing, ensures that there is clarity; this means that the book actually says what it is supposed to say. Another task is to make sure that the plot is actually there and executed brilliantly. We also coach writers to make sure they exceed their previous efforts and maximize their evolution as artists.

With this important service you will be able to have your manuscript examined by a literary critic before it hits layout. As your editor, We provide insights on footnotes in the literary tradition that you can seize to make your story more interesting and richer. Find out about the plot structure you have applied, its history and the strategic options it presents to your project. Read about the mythological archetypes that your characters represent and how to get the most from them for your original work. From a linguistics perspective, We analiyze paragraph flow, internal rhyme schemes, tone and other phonetic and semiotic aspects through a structural and deconstrutive perspective. In addition, other critical insights unique to your project will be explored with the goal of helping you improve your text.

In this service it is vital to dedicate a considerable amount of time and it may be necessary to include video meetings with a client, or to revise together. It is vital for me to pay close attention to the direction your editorial process needs for your manuscript. After insights, authors, in turn, are encouraged to go those extra miles, to grow in their craft. Development editing service, is most likely the first of many takes on your work from readers. The most critical moment to test this, before it reaches general readership, is prior to layout. It is important to choose a development editing service that can deliver quality feedback to your project.[/tab][tab title=”Copy Editing & Proofreading”]


With this copyediting service your manuscript will be revised on the computer screen, on paper and on eReaders to ensure that no misspelled words have been skipped. In addition to spelling and grammar this service also includes flow and sentence structures. A fresh pair of professional eyes thoroughly examines every sentence, letter by letter with laser attention and specialized training in techniques to catch common misspellings that are known to skip the human eye, for example when a writer accidentally types “the the” an untrained reader would just react as if they saw the same exact word they saw in their last glance and think that they had not gone on to the next word. This rationale is subconscious and done in fractions of a second.


Once your layout is ready this service allows for final reviews that detect anything that might have been missed before, or that changed during the text layout, this second occurrence tends to be more frequent. The book layout is printed out and revised thoroughly with time and patience. This last revision, like the two previous ones, will only be considered to be finalized once there is author approval. Proofreading approval is the last chance an author has to change anything with a conventional print edition before publishing, but not for POD or eBook editions.


This service includes a grayscale and a full-color version of the final product to ensure full eReader compatibility. Making sure that book covers meet specified POD and/or eBook provider requirements is also included in this service. Book Cover Art services can be designed in any specified style that the author requires and always use top-quality high-resolution images or original vectors. Covers are tested in several eReader platforms and devices, and printed for revision to ensure color accuracy and author satisfaction.

It might be valid to think, that when an author is incapable of showing good aesthetic taste, in selecting the visual image that represents their book; they are most likely to be unpleasing in the poetics applied to weaving the linguistics structures of their sentences, paragraphs and pages, as well as other aspects of their literary work of art like deep character development, story and cultural references. A good cover will clearly convey genre expectations and appeal to deep subconscious semiosis and that, clearly equals sales.


Printing on Demand (POD) is per excellence the most viable option for the indie author; it saves money, minimizes risk, satisfies readers who refuse to use devices and can still save more trees than traditional print publishing. There are many online venues for on-demand book printing. My professional layouts are appropriate for all kinds of print and fulfill all technical specification required by any POD provider.


eBooks are aesthetic artifacts. This service includes any form of page design. Layout is done on professional software and formatted to ePub (Barnes & Noble, itunes and Google) and mobi (kindle). We ensure that layout also looks optimum on grayscale as well as in full-color devices. Proofreading on different apps also allows us to verify that the writing is cleanly formatted and that the reader will always have the right experience with their download.

Editorial Indie


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Editorial Indie provides publishing services for authors that have decided to self-publish. We create opportunities for sustainability. We provide a new framework for copyrights and allow you to benefit from your work in less time with a higher level of ownership. Our goal is to make our services and your book available everywhere. We focus on style, literary craft and fine arts as well as finding artistic readers as opposed to having mass appeal.

We specialize in providing services that authors need for commercial and artistic success. We are very much aware of the usual realities that come with taking the enormous financial risk it takes to write an exceptional literary work of art. To satisfy this need we maximize the opportunity of cloud-sourcing to the best of the best in developing countries and thus we are able to provide unprecedented possibilities for our global community of artists.[/tab] [tab title=”What Sets Us Apart”]Our entrepreneurial philosophy makes us more than just another indie publisher because we want our own internal business culture to be the next frontier of the global independent art movement. To Editorial Indie fair trade and artistic independence are one in the same. As true entrepreneurs we spot a great opportunity in maximizing developing nation’s lower costs of living for providing an attractive and economically viable work experience for young disenfranchised creators.

The correct implementation of our model is also viable for artists in the developed world. Despite the progress of these societies, many artists still have a similar predicament to their developing world counterparts. Mutual cooperation can result in overcoming their respective obstacles together and being exposed to unprecedented learning opportunities. We strongly believe that when the technological revolutions of our time, intelligently invested economic resources and international human capital come together, we are not only able to generate revenue, economic sustainability and a broader sense of community but also the emblematic art of a new century.

Revolutionary technologies and their decreased environmental impact also become more meaningful when they become an opportunity for different peoples to have better lives. Green economics have a better image when they are no longer perceived as a necessary sacrifice but rather as better business opportunities. Our model represents the practice of a new perspective that finds opportunities where traditional interests find obstacles.[/tab] [/tabs]