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Nothing is more essential for a serious established professional than a website and the same can be said about a book. Blogging is a magic garden where readers and writers can meet and get to know each other as good friends. An author can share all their interests and other facets of their lives and readers can learn that the author is or is not their characters.

A good book site will tell readers everything there is to know about a book they anxiously await or that they already loved to read. Every step in the writing process or every promotional piece shines like a museum piece on our book sites. We prefer to build in WordPress because it is open source, and as a revolutionary technological opportunity it is a real value and so friendly that it can be updated by anybody.


If movies have trailers than why shouldn’t a book have one too? People often regret that books are at a disadvantage in comparison to video. A book trailer can flip the paradigm, jump-start an author’s text and begin to play that movie in the reader’s mind. Readers can post a beautiful 30-second trailer on their social media and probably get more attention for an author’s work, than posting an excerpt on a link to an article or review. Once the interested in generated people will be more enthusiastic about taking the time to have a good read.


We love to read and are very happy to write about books. This service can tell future readers about the sublime greatness of a tiny personal story. A review can say what the author has intentionally left out or what makes a book special. A good reviewer is able to persuade a potential reader that has made it all the way to reading the review into buying the book reading it and continuing the conversation about the book. And an author can love a review so much that they will have it put in their book.


We know how to get the exact readership that an author needs for economic and artistic success, because we know our literature and our social media very well. We will find only relevant subscribers for that genre and style and we will find all of them! Nothing can make for faster or greater progress in this day and age than a beautifully executed social media strategy. Before our work is done, traditional media will be going to the author/book and not the other way around.


Our intimate online boutique appeals to the indie spirit and the sophisticated art connaisseur alike. We (all of us) are literature. We pay higher author royalties than any other retailer and authors can feel authentically indie in a store that captures the essence of that spirit and repurposes it as a global cultural movement. Because we believe in creative independence and sustainability, authors still own their rights and can sell anywhere else. We can even install an online store on your author’s site and you can keep 100% of your sales revenue.

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